Privacy Policy takes your privacy very seriously and we believe that electronic privacy is critical to the continued success of the Internet.

We use this information only to help us provide better website services. That is why we have put in place a policy to protect your personal information.


Our Policy Summary

Your status is anonymous when visiting and accessing information on our website. Before we ask you to fill in any information, we will explain how this information will be used.

For your information, we always maintain confidentiality and without your permission will not share your personal information with other companies or individuals.

Some parts of our website require registration to access them, although usually all that is asked for is some basic information about you. Some examples of website information we need such as name, email, address and personal info.

There are sections on our website that will ask for additional information needed to better understand your needs, so that this information can be used to provide you with a better service.

We also give you the opportunity to opt-out and not receive material information from us.


Protect Your Privacy

We will take appropriate steps to protect your privacy and will not share your personal information with other companies or individuals without your permission.


Use of Cookies

This Website uses “cookies” to identify a user’s session on the Website and thus offers continuity as members move around the site. Cookies are small digital files to store records from websites that are transferred to a computer hard drive.

Cookies only contain information that allows websites to analyze, store your preferences but cookies do not have the ability to infiltrate your hard drive and retrieve personal information.

For advertisements displayed on our website, they come from outside advertising company partners.

The advertisements may contain cookies, and appear to be from the Website, but in reality they are from our partners who serve advertisements on the Website.

Certain websites may place “cookies” on your computer to provide personalized services and/or maintain your identity across multiple pages in a single session.



This website prioritizes security to protect against loss, alteration or misuse of information for the convenience of your privacy.

This website provides an option for users to delete their information from our database to not receive future information or to no longer receive our services.


Feedback, Suggestions and Messages

We always look forward to suggestions or feedback to improve our website services. If you have any feedback, suggestions or messages please contact us.