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How to Create Thumbnail for Fiverr Gig in Photoshop

how to create thumbnail for fiverr gig
how to create thumbnail for fiverr gig

Fiverr is one of the most popular freelancer sites in the world that provides services ranging from graphic design services, voice over, article writing, power point design, create thumbnail for Fiverr gigs and many more.

You should be able to use English with users across the country, but this is also a great opportunity as a translator if you are fluent in several foreign languages.


Create Gigs on Fiverr

The first one must have the ability to provide services that you can offer to clients, it would be nice to be able to use the skills from hobbies such as graphic designing, voice-over, creating a website, Search Engine Optimization or any hobby according to your abilities.

Make a short, concise title to attract the attention of the client and don’t forget to make a thumbnail or image which will be explained below.

Tips to Create Gig Thumbnails on Fiverr:

  • Each slide should show more than one work

We recommend that you create a gig thumbnail in which not only one work is shown on each slide but at least 2, so that buyers will see more of your previous work.


  • Insert bonus or discount

Who doesn’t like being given a bonus or discount, try inserting a bonus such as free source files or unlimited revisions.

This is for promotion at the beginning so that your gig will be known and get lots of reviews on Fiverr.


  • Striking color background

This color background is useful so that buyers are immediately directed to your gig, a background with a striking color will attract the attention of clients so that their eyes focus on your gig when it appears in Fiverr searches.


  • Make it as beautiful as possible

Design your gig thumbnail as beautiful as possible, if you are not good at design maybe you can ask your friends who are good at design for help so they can make a good thumbnail design.



How to Create Thumbnails in Photoshop

First, please open your Photoshop application, press Ctrl + N or you can also go through the File menu > New.


Tumbnail Size on Gigs

To create thumbnail images, try to use design software on a computer so that the image is maximal and clear, for the thumbnail size itself is 1421 x 871 pixel so that it doesn’t get cut off when viewed later.


Fiverr Gigs Resolution

So that the image does not blur, please set the resolution to 300 dpi and make sure when setting the resolution the image size remains 1421 x 871 pixel so that it does not change when saved.

Now set the canvas size to 1421 x 871 pixel according to the advice from Fiverr so that the results will be more optimal.

Then click the OK button, now you have the appropriate canvas size and are ready to be created according to your creativity.

Next, enter the photo or image you want to use as a thumbnail image by clicking File – Open and looking for the image you saved on your laptop/computer.

After inserting the image, please add text that explains the important points of your gig or text that can make people curious.


Create a shadow in the text that we just created by right-clicking on the text layer, then selecting Blending Options, then selecting Inner  Shadow, Inner Glow, Strike and setting it according to your needs, like this picture.


When finished, click Save and select the folder where you will save the finished thumbnail image.

Save it in Jpeg and then upload the thumbnail to Fiverr.


Now that you know how to create thumbnail for a Fiverr gig, don’t forget to promote your Fiverr gig.

You can post status on Whatsapp, join a group on Facebook, share on Instagram, Twitter or other social media.


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