Definition of Metaverse: 5 Basic Characteristics and What It Can Do

Definition of Metaverse
Definition of Metaverse

Metaverse is a word that is often talked about and increasingly popular lately, especially now that technology giants are reportedly trying to be at the forefront of developing this latest technology.

Then what is the definition of Metaverse? Many are still lay and curious about what is meant by the term Metaverse.

Metaverse is a virtual space created from various aspects of life in the real world, be it interactions between humans, the natural surroundings and with objects around us.


When discussed more deeply, this Metaverse is a virtual world that is made to resemble real life, whether in the form of land, buildings, objects, avatars and whatever is in your life. In this Metaverse, just like in real life, you can do various activities, play games, meet friends, attend meetings, visit certain places, and even buy goods and services.


Definition of Metaverse

Basically this Metaverse is a virtual world consisting of various interconnected virtual communities, people can meet and interact, work in teams, and also exercise like real.

Supporting this Metaverse requires a virtual reality headset or augmented reality glasses connected to the app on a computer, smartphone, or other device.


Metaverse itself can be recognized by several basic characteristics such as the following:

  • Persistent

Metaverse will continue to run without ever experiencing a reset, pause, and will not end.


  • Real time

You do things in real-time either alone or with friends so that the events you experience are real.


  • Supports Economic Functions

As in the real world, in the Metaverse space can also carry out fully functional economic activities. Whether you are buying and selling goods or services carried out with a blockchain-based currency.


  • Bridge with Real World

If virtual reality Metaverse only presents things virtually, then augmented reality Metaverse works the other way around. This technology connects the virtual world with the real world through digitizing or linking actual graphic coordinates.


  • Large Open Space for Users

This is an interesting thing in the Metaverse space where your role as the user makes a big contribution to the content. In the previous digital universe concept, content was created jointly by companies and users.


What Can Be Done in the Metaverse?

You can perform daily activities such as exercising, traveling to any place in the world, viewing or creating art, or going to a music concert.

Metaverse can also be a powerful solution and game-changer for working from home in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic which is still not over.

No need to make video calls for meetings anymore, employees can join together in a virtual office so that work becomes very effective and fun.

Facebook has launched its Horizon Workrooms software for corporate meetings via its Oculus Virtual Reality headset.

This $300 headset provides a Metaverse experience that’s beyond the imagination of many, where you’ll be able to switch between virtual worlds created by different companies.


How are Big Companies Responding to the Metaverse?

Apart from Facebook, which has changed its company name to Meta, there are several other companies developing the Metaverse including Microsoft and chipmaker Nvidia.

Still in the time of the Covid-19 pandemic, Metaverse is considered to be an important solution to develop and expand openly, you can teleport to different worlds either by one company or another, in the same way you can move from one web page to another.

A video game company that is Epic Games, the developer of the popular video game Fortnite, has raised $1 billion to build the Metaverse in their long-term plans.

The game platform Roblox is a small version of the Metaverse, where you can play together in a 3D experience and continue to pursue his vision of developing the Metaverse.


What a tremendous response from the big companies to the definition of the Metaverse that we will soon enjoy in the next few years.


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